Curling Thick Shoulder Length Hair

So I never can find any posts about curling hair like mine.  It’s really thick. Not really coarse but also not fine.  It has some natural wave to it (used to be curly but apparently birth control can enhance or lessen that).  Finding a good way to curl it is always a pain in the butt.  Well I’ve discovered a way to curl it that it’s cute and not super puffy.

Needed: 1 inch curling irons & Garnier Fructis Wonder Wave wave enhancing spray

I started with day old hair (I washed it yesterday morning).  I sectioned it off starting at the bottom.  I forgot to take pics at the beginning so these are from a little over halfway through.

Starting at the root I wrapped the hair around the curling iron through the clip.

I slid the iron down my hair, never fully wrapping my hair around the barrel. Here’s a video. Sorry the audio is off but I don’t have a good video editing program on here to fix it

I did that sectioning off my hair the whole way through. In the end since I have bangs I also flipped my bangs back into the curls. Finish product is below.
Cute look for work, going out, a date, whatever. I’m a big fan of curls 🙂

2 thoughts on “Curling Thick Shoulder Length Hair

  1. Very helpful! I have tried for ages to curl my hair and not look like shirley temple. my hair is exactly like yours to witch helps a ton. Do you ever straighten your hair? because I have for awhile now but once I go out side its all wavy again. Any tips?

    1. Jess I just saw this. I straighten my hair like 90% of the time if I’m wearing it down. Your best bet would be just to find a good straightening balm/anti humidity stuff that works with your hair. If the humidity is too much there isn’t much you can do other than find some cute ways to put up your hair 🙂

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