DIY Holiday Wreath

IMG_20121202_171302So I spent Sunday attempting to get my mama in the holiday spirit. I made her put up the Christmas tree with me the Monday after Thanksgiving (our family tradition since I can remember is putting the tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving).  Unfortunately with everything going on she’s been kinda blah lately so my mission was to get her doing some fun stuff.  After our shopping trip taking entirely too long (due to my younger brother interference) we finally made it home.  We were going to make a wreath from scratch but Michaels was missing some supplies so we improvised.

Link To My Inspiration

What you need:

  • A plain wreath
  • Mesh
  • Various sprays of holiday berries
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun and glue

What to Do:

So honestly this craft was mostly just trial and error on my mom and I’s part.

  1. We wrapped the mesh around the wreath.  In the process we fluffed up the wreath some as well.  We cut the mesh to fit and glued the ends to to the wreath.
  2. Cut the berries to lengths you want to use on the wreath. We created a pattern with the different berries and glued them on. Let dry and hang up 🙂

This craft really turned into us just being creative on the fly.  That’s generally how I roll with my crafts. And cooking. And baking. Pretty much everything honestly. It makes it more interesting to put your own little twist on something you’re making. It becomes yours and more unique that way.

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