Liver Cleanse, Day 3

I was going to do a Day 2 post.  My internet had other ideas AND my draft disappeared in the process.

My bestie Sterling has joined me on this crazy cleanse train.  She’s more of a carnivore than I am so she’s worried she’s going to struggle. I think she can do it!

To finish off Day 1 I made stuffed green peppers.  They were pretty delicious. I also made 2 baguettes that turned out well too.  I dipped those in some cilantro pesto.

Day 2 wasn’t too bad. I completely lost my appetite halfway through the day. I knew I needed to eat a little something for dinner but I ended up taking a few bites of rice and not being able to eat anything more. I also had some stomach discomfort. Nothing too bad though.

Day 3 I have had even less of an appetite.  I heated up some waffles this morning and ate those.  I have kept down my apple juice and some water but I haven’t wanted anything else.  I’m completely exhausted today due to my dog puking a trail around my living room at 2 am this morning. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes but I’m not sure I’m going to be eating much.

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