Liver Cleanse, Day 4

So my dog incident threw me a little off track with my food prep. I was literally falling asleep at my desk yesterday and didn’t have the energy to cook or prep my lunch for today.  End result: I discovered Chipotle and Noodle & Co have vegan options!

Pretty much everything at Chipotle is vegan besides the meat.  The vinaigrette is listed as vegetarian but not vegan (I’m guessing because of the honey–I still ate it). Ordered me a salad  with fajita veggies, 3 kinds of salsa, brown rice, black beans (both kinds are vegan–not cooked in bacon fat!) and paid my extra for the lump of delicious guac on top.  I literally stood in line and read through there allergens and special diet page to see what I could have.  I’m really appreciative they had that on their website!

Lunch today was Noodles & Company.  They also have information their website for food allergens and special diets. Luckily, I always order the Japanese Pan Noodles (hold the carrots, add extra mushrooms) and that is included on their vegan menu. Some items on the list you have to modify and say hold the cheese so double check the site before you order from them just be sure.

I haven’t gone so far as to get tofu on anything yet. I really considered ordering it at Chipotle since their marinade sounds delicious.  Noodles didn’t seem to do anything with theirs so I opted out of that quickly.

Overall, I’m feeling great.  Again, I think it’s from all my issues with meat and dairy over the past year or so. Really over apple juice at this point. I may use my new juicer and make me some fresh apple juice tonight for tomorrow to mix it up. I was reading into apple juice as a cleanse and some people mixed in apple cider vinegar for added benefits.  I may test that with a partial glass to see how I like it.

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