Liver Cleanse Day 7

Well it works. It’s about the weirdest thing but it really and truly proved to have worked this morning.

I spent the last few days struggling with sticking to the diet. Yesterday was definitely hard because I had to fast after a certain point and was around food. Thankfully I filled myself up initially on the suggested Basmati rice and steamed vegetable. I had edamame.

I didn’t get a colonic like the suggested, I just took 2 servings of miralax instead. The actual cleanse requires you to drink 4, 6oz servings of water mixed with a tbsp of Epsom salt. You have to chug the water all at once. It does say you can add lemon to the water to help with taste.¬† You drink 2 servings at 6pm and 8pm the first night and the next 2 servings at 6am and 8am. At 10pm you have to drink 4oz of olive oil mixed with 6oz of grapefruit juice.

The juice and oil combo wasn’t too bad. It left a weird taste in my mouth though. After you drink it, you have to lay completely still for 20 minutes. That was extremely difficult. I am fidgety and not moving even a bit didn’t happen but I kept mostly still.

The Epsom salt is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted. I almost threw up this morning at 6am and couldn’t drink it all. The 2nd serving this morning I opted to mix in some gatorade. I could not handle it otherwise.

Not to get too detailed, but the cleanse does work. I’ve probably expelled at least 200 stones at this point. I still have more time to go so well see what happens. My next post will cover results and how I’m feeling after the fact.

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