Whole30 Prep

If you read the Whole30 book (like you should) it suggests tossing out/donating all your food in your house that is not Whole30 compliant. Instead of jumping on board and immediately tossing EVERYTHING out, I opted to take a week to eat as much non-compliant items in my house as possible. Additionally, I ate out at a few of my favorite places I knew I couldn’t go to for a while. Plus I started the day after Valentine’s Day and we celebrated with wine, and steak with a blue cheese cream sauce just cuz it’s delicious.

I started by going through EVERYTHING we had in our house that was food. I cataloged it based on its location and noted whether or not it was compliant. I actually had a lot of items that were compliant. The rest we planned to eat or give to my brother who doesn’t always have a ton of money living off server’s pay.

I did most of my grocery shopping on Friday, mainly because I needed to go to the store. I even went in the snow. And snow + VA drivers who aren’t used to the snow + lack of plows to clear the roads = dangerous conditions. However, it had JUST started when I got to the store and thankfully they had salted the roads so they weren’t too bad on my way home.

I didn’t really plan this trip. I knew what types of items I could and couldn’t buy. My list was as follows

  • all the veggies
  • all the fruits
  • lean meats
  • Unsweetened Coconut Milk (for my coffee)
  • Canned Coconut Milk
  • a few spices I didn’t have (I’m well stocked on spices)
  • olive oil
  • butter (to make clarified butter)
  • eggs
  • freezer bags
  • storage bags

Once I got home, I planned some. I came up with a set list of what to eat for dinner. It’s listed on the side of my fridge on a daily calendar so my husband can assist.

Breakfast, lunch and snacks are more relaxed.  For breakfast, I prepped some chorizo and homemade breakfast sausage.  Figured they’d be easy to toss with some eggs. I sliced and portioned a ton of fruit and veggies as well that could be used for snacks and add ons to meals. Since I’m at work during the week for lunch, I needed some items I could take with me easily.  I did buy some canned chicken and canned tuna (in water). I made some Whole30 Mayo, Whole30 Ranch, Whole30 Buffalo Sauce, and Whole30 Pesto.  I figured it’d be easy to toss over anything. I cleaned and sectioned out some romaine lettuce to do lettuce wraps. I also made some chicken fajita mix and portioned it into containers to be put into lettuce.  All super easy stuff that’s easy to grab on the go.  Makes my life SO much easier.

12715422_10205261228521498_634549326746936363_nThis was also about the time I started tossing stuff. I save some items I thought would be useful after Whole30. Things I didn’t want to go back to or wouldn’t be good after the plan got tossed or set into a bag for my brother to collect (if he ever comes by). It’s at least out of my kitchen so I don’t see it every time I open the cabinet or fridge. I also put the items I wanted to keep as high and as low as possible so they’re further from reach.

Since water gets old sometimes, I made a batch of blueberry green tea.  Added some lemon for flavor.  It’s great to have some items on hand to change things up!

My next post will cover recipes and how I did and felt all week!

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