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It’s been a while since I’ve written anything and lots has changed in my life.  Two biggest things are we bought a house and are expecting our first baby in 9 weeks.  In preparation for the baby’s arrival, I have been looking into testing out some meal delivery services. I’ve tried HelloFresh a few times with good results.  I currently have deliveries scheduled for Home Chef, Plated, Green Chef, and Marley Spoon to test them out.  I’ve been doing comparisons and received coupon codes from friends for everything (which is how I tried HelloFresh to start with).  Below is some pricing information if you’re considering these. I will review the food for everything as they are received.

Hello Fresh

We have had 3 different boxes from Hello Fresh. The first one came in March 2016, the 2nd in December, and the 3rd last week.  I have waited for coupons to order everything and the most I’ve spent was $39 for 3 meals for 2 people ($6.50 per meal!)  They have 3 different options for meal plans with different levels included. They don’t do dietary specific boxes like some services.  Each week you have a few different options to choose from for your meals as well. It’s 6 options or so to choose from.  The different boxes are below:

Classic Plan

  • 3 Meals – 2 people – $69  ($11.50/serving)
  • 3 Meals – 4 people – $129 ($10.75/serving)
  • 4 Meals – 2 people – $84.90 (10.61/serving)
  • 5 Meals – 2 people – $99 ($9.90/serving)

Family Plan

  • 2 Meals – 4 People – $79.95 ($10/serving)
  • 3 Meals – 4 People – $105 ($8.75/serving)

Veggie Plan

  • 3 Meals – 2 People – $59 ($9.83/serving)
  • 3 Meals – 4 People – $109  ($9.08/serving)

Definitely look into coupons to test it out. Here is my code for $40 off a box! HelloFresh Code

It’s easy to cancel.  You can do it from the website with no issues. You can also pause weeks if you want to skip a week and you’re not charged anything.

Home Chef

My first box for Home Chef is scheduled for February 1st. I was sent a coupon and I’m getting 2 meals for 2 people for $19.80 ($4.95/meal).  Home Chef does a flat rate of $9.95 per serving. You can select from 2-8 servings per meal and 2-8 meals per week.  You can add on different items as well. The options for this week is smoothie and a fruit basket starting at $4.95 per serving.   There are 11 meal options to choose from this week plus the 2 add ons. You can pick you food preference with the options of meat, seafood, or veggies.  Then you can choose what you avoid: pork, soy, red meat, nuts, gluten, dairy, mushrooms, and shellfish. There are additional preference of low-calorie and low-carb.


Plated lets you choose from 2-7 dinners per week with 2-3 servings per dinner.  Each serving is enough for 1 adult or 1-2 kids.You can put in a taste profile where you choose what you like to eat from poultry, pork, beef, fish, vegetarian, lamb, and shellfish.  Prices for everything is below.

2 Servings Per Week

  • 2 Dinners – $54/week (includes $6 shipping)  ($13.50/per serving)
  • 3 Dinners – $72/week ($12/per serving)
  • 4 Dinners – $96/week  ($12/per serving)
  • 5 Dinners – $120/week  ($12/per serving)
  • 6 Dinners – $144/week  ($12/per serving)
  • 7  Dinners – $168/week  ($12/per serving)

3 Servings Per Week

  • 2 Dinners – $72/week ($12/per serving)
  • 3 Dinners – $108/week ($12/per serving)
  • 4 Dinners – $144/week  ($12/per serving)
  • 5 Dinners – $180/week  ($12/per serving)
  • 6 Dinners – $216/week  ($12/per serving)
  • 7  Dinners – $252/week  ($12/per serving)


GreenChef is the only one so far that I can’t seem to choose the meals for. They have preset meals and the ones they pick for you based on your plan are what you get.

You can select 1 to 3 boxes you want per week on either the 2-Person plan or the Family Plan. The 2-Person plan includes 3 dinners.  The Family Plan includes 2 dinners for 4 people.

2-Person Plan

  • Omnivore $11.99/serving
  • Carnivore $13.49/serving
  • Gluten-Free $13.49/serving
  • Vegan $11.99/serving
  • Paleo $14.99/serving
  • Vegetarian $10.49/serving

Family Plan

  • Omnivore $11.99/serving
  • Carnivore $12.99/serving

The prices do not include shipping.  Cancellation requires you to send an email to them. Once you send the email, they send a link.  You click the link and put in the information. It’s pretty simple.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is another one that gives you 6 different options each week. You are kind of limited on your options because Blue Apron wants to reduce food waste so if you select one item, you may not be able to get another.  They have 2 different plans. There is no shipping charge for either plan.  You can get your box delivered Tuesday through Saturday (you get to pick). You can add on a wine delivery as well. You can also order kitchen utensils and other items as well through the site.

2-Person Plan

  • 3 recipes for 2 people
  • $9.99/per meal ($59.94 per week)

Family Plan

  • 4 Meals for 4 People Per Week
  • Can choose between 2 or 4 recipes
  • $8.74/meal ($69.92 for 2 recipes or $139.84 for 4 recipes per week)

If you have a friend who uses this, have them send you a coupon code.

Marley Spoon

This is Martha Stewart’s baby.  There are 2 different plans with varied numbered of meals per week.  They do have the option to make your box vegetarian but there aren’t really any other dietary restrictions.  They only deliver to me 1 day per week (Tuesday) and give me a time frame (8a-9a) which is nice to see. There is a $30 coupon for your first box.

Once you sign up you put in your taste profile. It gives you meat options then whether or not you like spicy.

Two Person Box (Serves 2)

  • 2 Meals – $48/box ($12 per meal)
  • 3 Meals – $61.50/box ($10.25 per meal)
  • 4 Meals – $76/ box  ($9.50 per meal)

Family Box (Serves 4)

  • 2 Meals – $76/box  ($9.50 per meal)
  • 3 Meals – $106.80/box ($8.90 meal)
  • 4 Meals – 139.20/box ($8.70 per meal)

Peach Dish

Peach Dish is “southern” meals. This is right up my alley just because I am a southern girl who loves this kind of food (not that I don’t love all food in general really).  I’m not a fan of their site so far.  The photos to initially select the meal showed up funky in Google Chrome. I tried it in Internet Explorer and that also was showing up kind of funky. I had to click around and get to the page a different way to get them to show up better.

This company doesn’t seem to do plans.  What you do is pick the meal grouping you want (some include multiple courses) and it gives you a price. You can pick your number of servings from 2-12 for most.  The cheapest one this week is $25 for 2 servings of a meal.  There are some 3 course meals that run up to $106 for 2 people.

I’m not sure I’m going to test this one out.  You can find a $20 off coupon right now on Retail Me Not.


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